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Our Resume

The Plumbing Group, Inc. was established in 1946. We are located in Anytown and perform in excess of $7,000,000 per year in residential, commercial, and service contracts.

The State Licensing Board for Contractors has awarded us an unlimited license in the areas of mechanical and public utilities construction. In addition, we hold the required bidder's license. Several of our mechanics are backflow certified by DHEC.

Our firm operates 30 trucks, eight of which are service fleet vehicles. At present, we utilize 5 backhoes, a jetter, pumper, and camera system in our operation. Additionally, a full service warehouse is maintained at our office location.

The Plumbing Group employs 71 individuals - 10 in general administration, 19 mechanics with a state master or journeymen classification, and the remainder are apprentice plumbers or laborers. Several staffers have a master gas license.

We maintain a mechanic on call 24/7 to assure that any problems incurred are handled promptly.

Our company is headed by Bob Jones III, the president and a master plumber with over 32 years experience. He is the third generation of the Jones family to be a master plumber.

Recent commercial projects Include:

  • The Branch Library
  • National Center
  • The Company
  • The Agency
  • The Detention Center
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